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25th November 2011


To whom it may concern.


My name is Clifford Stanley and I am the Managing Director of Designer Landscapes, I have had the pleasure of employing Michael Turner over a period of eight years.


Michael joined us via an employment agency and immediately had a huge impact as an employee, his assertiveness, work ethic and strong determination has led him from being a casual labourer to managing a team of up to eight people on prestigious top end landscape projects.


He has a unique ability to be able to communicate both with clients and designers, interpret their ideas and lead a team of people to realise these ideas.

Punctual, driven, conscientious, loyal, enthusiastic are a few of the many assets and strengths Michael displayed, he will be irreplaceable.


He is extremely adapt to working with all kinds of machinery relevant to our industry whist adhering to strict Health and Safety issues.


I would recommend Michael Turner without hesitation and he will become a valued asset of any company position he seeks.


Yours sincerely


Clifford Stanley NDLC

Designer Landscapes

The Garden House, ( Russett Gardens, Camberly, Surrey, GU15 2LG)




To whom it may concern, 


I am pleased to speak in support of Mr Michael Turner.


During the period from February 2012 to April 2012, I engaged Mike to undertake various tasks on my property. I was not previously aware of his abilities, but was prepared to take him on and to monitor his progress. 


My caution soon turned to confidence and my judgement proved to be correct, as he quickly and capably took charge of the works, with an energy and commitment rarely seen in contractors these days. 


Mike demonstrated plenty of the qualities (technical and personal) expected of a capable tradesman - firstly, a positive regard for his client ( he listened attentively, made notes, and made regular contact to request inspections of his work and to check that all was in order); secondly a focus on the task at hand, thinking through the process to make sure that he had the necessary resources to hand when needed (including the use of other trades and labour); and thirdly an awareness of cost controls for each task, which helped us to not only achieve our original project, but to get some more work done that we originally thought would be outside our budget. 


The main project was the construction of our chook shed and chook run. We live on a small farm so the shed was larger than a regular shed. there were no plans because the shed was built entirely 2nd hand materials, namely an old boat shed from the foreshore of Lake Macquarie. Mike did all of the work from setting out to the hanging of the doors, erecting fox-proof fence. He did engage some additional labour and a capenter to assist the finishing of the work. The result (for a recycled building) is fantastic and everyone who has inspected the job has been very impresseed - as we are. 


I was fortunate that Mike was able to do extra work, which enabled me to witness more of his abilities, in particular - operation of 3t excavator ( he has a very high skill level, as good as I've seen in my career in construction) on road-works, paving, storm-water drains, dam maintenance, swales, paving works including setting out and laying of clay pavers, setting out formwork/reo/pour concrete slabs for landscaping, setting out and placing of road base for driveway and hard stand. 


Mike was also honest and accurate in his accounting and we were more than happy to settle all accounts with him. We were able to give him a petty cash advance to assist with any out-of-pocket expenses which he also accounted for properly. 


All in all, my experience with Mike has been a pleasure. I already have another list of jobs for him, ready to go when I have the funds for the next time. 


Yours faithfull, 

Brad Wrightson   Dip. Eng, B.Sc (Arch), B. Arch. (Hons)























To whom this may concern.


RE:      Michael Turner


It is my pleasure to be able to provide this reference for Michael Turner.


We recently spoke to Michael regarding a proposed landscaping project at our home in Fletcher NSW. Michael came out to look at our area and talked through different options with us. He was able to offer suggestions we hadn’t considered such as sloping the paving away from the house to prevent water damage to the building & the addition of a drain, under the tap, which would prevent staining and water damage to our pavers.


He promptly provided us with a detailed quote which proved to be very accurate and was able to quickly commence work.


Michael’s thorough communication kept us very informed at every stage of the project. He always made time to answer any questions we had and went out of his way to research costings as we considered additional elements such as a watering system and extra garden beds. Michael also kept us informed as to council requirement for our project and made sure that our plans would comply.


We were particularly impressed with the care Michael took not only with the area being landscaped but the surround building and structures. Michael removed our gate to ensure no damage would occur to the garage and he also suggested that air conditioners were removed while work was being carried out on the area. Not only did he reinstall our gate upon completion of the project, but he found that wood used in the original construction was ageing poorly so he took the initiative to replace the degraded pieces.


We were also very grateful for the way he kept the surrounding areas very clean and tidy for the entire duration of the project. He laid tarpaulins under each delivery of supplies and swept the area clean at the end of each day. As we have 2 young children, we particularly appreciated the way all tools were packed away neatly at the end of each day and he made sure that machinery was properly supervised at all times. He was very clear in communicating any potential dangers to the children and always let us know which areas contained tools, machinery or other hazards so that we could keep them safe.

We found Michael to be a man of very high standards. He is honest and hardworking. His work has been of the highest quality & care resulting in a garden that is better than we had hoped and expected.


We could not recommend Michael more highly. His attention to detail and meticulous finishing has left us with a beautiful area our family can enjoy for many years to come. The overall project was a very positive and stress free experience and we would be more than happy to be contacted should you require any further information or wish to discuss this reference in any way.



Kind regards



Matthew & Sally Woods

Mozaic in Amphitheatre, Swindon UK
Paving and Turf in Fletcher
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